PIR Glue

Polychloroprene based one component Adhesive
 HAWA PIR GLUE is used in PIR & PU foams panel for pre-insulated air duct. HAWA PIR GLUE can also be used for most of porous andnon-porous Surfaces. COVERAGE The wet coverage of HAWA PIR GLUE is 3 to 5m2/kg subjected to the applied film thickness. The recommended wet film thickness is 100 to130 mic. To get proper coverage always keep the container’s spout closed to prevent the solvent evaporation.    PACKING: HAWA pir glue  is available in 15 liters spouted Metal pail.
  • ­ Excellent bonding with PIR v/s PIR & PU v/s PU.
  • ­ Excellent film forming nature.
  • ­ Water resistant.
  • ­ Excellent heat resistance.
  • ­ Chemical resistance.
  • ­ Suitable to middle east climatic conditions.
  • ­ Very easy to apply.
  • ­ Economical.