UL 181 Phenolic Duct

HAWA Industrial is proud to present its HAWA UL 181 Phenolic Duct. HAWA UL181 Duct is produced with
compressed of reinforced fiberglass aluminum foil on both sides and melamine-phenol formaldehyde resin foam
in the middle under continuous process. HAWA UL duct is made of this kind of board,
which has very low air friction resistance and excellent heat insulation. So it can save
transportation power and reduce cold loss, the temperature and humidity of the
transferred air can be kept as original. The compressed reinforced fiberglass aluminum foil on both sides is
treated by special process and coated method, which forms a compact protecting coat.
So its life is 6-8 times of that of the traditional air ducts.
Hawa UL Duct is Civil Defence Approve, its DCL approved and has low thermal conductivity.  
For more information, please see the Fabrication & Installation Method .