Sand trap louver with flter

Sand trap louver with flter
Model: STL+F-H;
·   The frame and blade are high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
·   Composed two set of inverted ?U? channels mounted vertically on two opposite rows.
·   Drin hole of diameter 20 mm are provided in two roes at the bottom of the louver for emptying ?ltered sand and dust.
·   Fixed with a removable washable extruded aluminum flter with aluminum mesh as the ?lter media.
·   Filter are available at 12, 25, 40,50mm thickness as required.
·   Total assembly is designed to operate at medium and high velocity with high dust holding capacity at low resistance to air flow.
·   Designed to separate sand and dust from the air stream.
·   Generally used for ventilation application and at inlet duct of air handling unit.
·   Extruded aluminum profile frame with 25mm fange width and 150mm height.
·   Extruded aluminum profile channels with 100 mm face width and 30 mm height.
·   12 x 12 X 1 mm dia G.I wire mesh with PVC coating or powder coating as optional.
·   Two set of 20mm drain holes per channel area at the bottom of the louver.
Standard Finishes:
·   Natural aluminum anodized finish.
·   Finish as per RAL color codes.
·   Flexibility of finishing available on option.