Round ceiling diffuser

  Round ceiling diffuser
Model: RD - HD:
·   Frame and core are constructed from high quality aluminum sheet construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
·   Inner core fixed centrally to the frame. Core can be taken out by pushing inward, turn around and pull down. This provides easy installation maintenance and access to the duct.
·   Radial, opposed blade damper is fixed to the frame by rivets. Damper can be operated by screw through diffuser face.
·   Discharge pattern can be adjusted for horizontal flow by extending the core and for vertical flow by retracting the core.
·   The diffuser can be used for ceiling or exposed duct mounting especially in installation when an adjustable pattern is required.
·   Circular ceiling diffuser can be fixed to extended duct by rivets.
·   Frame and inner core high quality aluminum sheet as standard.
·   Damper frame and blade steel sheet with black matt finish.
Standard Finishes:
·   Aluminium constructions with white powder coated finish RAL 9016.
·   Powder coated color finish as per other RAL color code available option.