Supply linear slot diffuser

Supply linear slot diffuser
Model: SLD -HD:
·   Frame and deflection blade are made of high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
·   Air distribution can be changed vertically or horizontally by means of deflection
blade without changing the air flow rate. These blades can be fully adjusted from
face opening.
·   Air flow rate can be adjusted by fixing hit and miss damper at the rear side of the
diffuser. Damper blades are adjusted from the face opening.
·   Damper are designed in a unique way that it can be used as an equalizing grid.
·   Positive alignment of adjacent section can be made by using alignment strips.
·   Suitable for installation for ceiling and sills.
·   Extruded aluminum profile frame with 31 mm fange width 45 height.
·   E18 mm wide and45 mm high aluminum extruded spacers called slot ?T?
·   21 mm high aluminum extruded deffector blades.
·   20 mm slot width as standard and other widths 16mm & 25mm are optional.
·   Up to 8 number of slots available
·   Up to 6 mtrs. Long slot diffuser available as single unit.
·   Optical hit & miss damper and acoustically insulated plenum boxes.
Standard Finishes:
·   Natural anodized aluminum finish
·   Powder coated color finish as per RAL color code.
·   Flexibility of finish available option.