Door Grille with double frame

Door Grille with double frame
Model: DG-1-HG:
·   Frame and blade are of high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
·   Inverted V type horizontal blades are fixed rigidly to the frame.
·   Blades are spaced at a distance of 15mm.
·   Provided with a counter frame for fixing on both sides of the door.
·   Grilles are made to with stand heavy use to which door grilles are subjected.
·   Frame is fabricated to suit door thickness of 30mm to 60mm.
·   Structure provides around 55% free area for air transmission.
·   Used in facilities such as office hospitals, schools and toilets for transfer of air from one room to another room.
Frame: High quality extruded aluminum profiles with 30 mm fange with as standard.
Blade: High quality extruded aluminum profiles.
Blade pitch: 15mm
Standard Finishes:
·   Natural aluminum anodized finish.
·   Powder coated color finish as per RAL color codes.
·   Flexibility of finish is available.