About Our Company

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Supplies

An inspiring period of one and half decade of truthful and dedicated service. Established in the year of 1998 with a simple vision, HAWA aimed to serve the need of the industry in the line of MEP material supply. A great success has been achieved with the help of the vision of the management and the great team work of the employees endowed the success. We could establish our prominent presence in the State of Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and Sri Lanka HAWA proudly stands strong on the trust developed with our business partners and customers. We strive to be our customer’s first choice by providing them personalized attention in their every need. We look forward for a warm and prosperous relation with you and your organization in the path of success

Hawa is a trademark for air conditioning accessories, lunched by Hawa Industrial LLC, the leading distributor of Air Conditioning accessories in the GCC. In association with the best manufacturers world wide, HAWA is introducing to the GCC market the best quality of air conditioning accessories and products. Hawa products are distinguished by the merit of their quality,. Hawa Grilles and Diffusers are manufactured of a high quality pure aluminium material, power coated with Nippon paint, the world leading paint manufacturer in Asia.

Hawa products include air diffusers, return grilles, control volume dampers, inter-grated duct work dampers, ZP impedance sound absorbers, spring shock, vibration absorbers, rubber insulation and all preinsulated panel accessories.